Scio Township Planning

Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

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    Site plans must undergo review by the Township planner and Engineer. Once they have passed review, they go directly to the next Planning Commission agenda, with a week’s lead time for copying and preparation. Any plan requiring a public hearing must follow the submittal deadlines listed on the left (e.g. rezoning, PUD or conditional use plans.)

buildingScio Township has updated its Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. Click here to view the updated plan.

The Scio Township Planning Commission has as its mission statement:

  • to serve township citizens with courtesy, integrity, and efficiency, and
  • to provide quality land use and development evaluation and recommendations designed to maintain and improve the overall manner in which our citizens live, work, and play.

The commission consists of seven township resident members appointed by the Supervisor with Township Board approval.  By State law, one member of the Township Board shall be a Planning Commission member and all members must be qualified Township electors.

The Scio Planning Commission has three (3) main functions:

  •  First, to make and adopt a plan for the Township’s land use and development.  The Scio Township Master Land Use Plan (click here to see the Master Land Use Plan) presents a vision for the Township’s future growth and development and brings together several planning efforts that the Planning Commission has undertaken to guide its future decision making.
  •  Second, to review and evaluate site plans of potential development in the township.  After completing its review of a site plan the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Township Board for final approval or rejection.  In 2008, the Planning Commission took steps to streamline the site plan process (click here to see the site plan review process manual), so that developers and businesses can attain the necessary approvals in an expeditious timeframe.
  • Finally, to conduct public hearings and to advise the Township Board regarding amendments to the Township Zoning Ordinance.  The ordinance establishes land development regulations, districts and zones and regulates such elements as land use, building height, lot area, setbacks, parking, signs and density.  It also establishes permitted activities (land uses) that can be conducted on a property .

The Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Scio Township Hall.  Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings and may speak to the Commission during the Public Comment sessions of the meeting.